Make your Event budget go further with CrewLance.

Perhaps you are Venue or Event manager, Operations or Logistics manager and you have a tight budget for delivering your next event. There is a lot of things to account for, location, the food, furniture and props, audio-visual and it equipment, digital and marketing. The more you go the more your budget gets squeezed. And what about the key ingredient- skilled people to help you put all that together?

Since March this year, our vetted event Crew have been working in some of the most prominent and most demanding venues and events around the UK. Locations and events include:

• Emirates Stadium
• O2 arena 
• Olympia 
• The Edinburgh Fringe 
• Pride in London 
• Tobacco Dock 
• 100% Design
• Kings Cross St. 
• and so on.

Exhibitors hired us to help unload and set up flooring and stands, Operations managers hired to build sets and set up staging and lights, wedding planners needed help with furniture and props setup, A&V companies need help with setting up screens, you name it- we did it.

How we helped them?

At CrewLance we help event organisers hire skilled event Crew in minutes, avoid inflated agency fees and make savings of 30–60%. We use technology to help us and you make your next event a big success!

Our professional and vetted event Crew go above and beyond on every job to make sure you’re the job is done and that you are happy.

See more by visiting our CrewLance website.

If you or your colleagues are in the process of planning and organising your next Event and you would like to discuss if we can help you achieve more with less why not contact me today and arrange a meeting on a convenient day.

Kind Regards,

Samir Pekaz
Co-founder, Director



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