Escapism At Home in NYC

Open floor plans and escapism have been the hottest trend in home design for a while now, but the future could see a trend in just the opposite. Criticisms of open concept homes include a lack of storage space, competition of noises, quickly permeating cooking smells, and a lack of privacy. And because of the latter, a new design trend is emerging: escapism.


In a world of constant connectivity where perpetual contact with people at work, a lack of privacy at home and never-ending social network updates dominate, people are discovering an unquenched thirst for seclusion, and escapism — relief from reality — is the answer. For the foreseeable future, escapism could start to pop up in homes in a few different ways.

Closed Floor Plans for Escapism

Divided space within homes means more privacy as well as the ability to control your environment. Too much noise or strong smells that pose problems in open concept homes will no longer be an issue in closed floor plan spaces. Four walls to every space within homes will enable residents their escape from the world.


Open concept houses are designed and often treated as a single room, blurring the lines between rooms that would normally divide spaces. And because of this, oddly enough, a great deal of freedom comes with closed concept homes. Individual rooms are allowed to carry personalities of their own — paint colors, furniture and style can be widely varied without concern of disrupting overall cohesiveness within a home. Residents will have the freedom to control exactly how they want to feel in each room.

Reading Nooks

One of the best ways to escape is by engrossing into the world of a book. As the crave for isolation from reality grows, small escapism rooms like reading nooks will increase in popularity. Reading nooks, filled with pillows, a chair, and shelf after shelf of books, will provide a peaceful respite from drone of the day to day.


Removal of Technology from Rooms.

The need for escape from social interactions and whatever else societal burdens exist extends into the technological realm. Social media has made it nearly impossible to be completely alone, and now that smartphones have found their ways into most hands, constant interaction has become a way of life.


Television-less rooms have already started to make their appearance, centering instead of family and home life rather than turning attentions to digital entertainment, and the trend towards escapism spaces result in the removal of all technology from various rooms within homes. Lack of computers, phones and televisions will literally unplug people. Removal of this technological overload that we’ve all become so well-adjusted to will enable people to return to their thoughts, books, and fostering the physical, personal relationships that really matter. Interested in incorporating the escapism trend into your home? Tell the team at CribRater how you’re transforming your home in the comments below!