The decrease in participation among young people has made the European Parliament put forward measures to encourage voting among these new generations. This could only happen through innovation in the technology used in electoral systems. The time has come for online voting systems.

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An API, acronym for Application Programming Interface, is a set of lines of code and specifications for two applications to communicate with each other.

By enabling us to reduce resource consumption, predict maintenance needs and improve overall efficiency, IoT can make a significant impact on the industrial sector.

The Relationship Between IoT and Efficiency in the Industrial Sector

Did you know that the Internet of Things day is celebrated on April 9?

So great is the opportunity offered by the IoT as the challenge posed by IoT security. The latter no longer depends only on the software we use, but also the hardware that we have.

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It’s the time for GDPR, explicit consent to the processing of data. And a great number of security breaches are made public day after day. That’s why we need to rethink who gets the ownership of the data generated with the IoT and stored in the cloud.

Why do companies collect data and how do they do it?

In order to talk about security in the IoT, we must go back to the concept of “Internet of Things”. The IoT arises from the possibility of connecting all types of devices to a network to collect data and analyze them. It is precisely this ability to open to the network what makes the devices somewhat vulnerable, as they become accessible remotely.

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