So my article is pretty much about trans women because as a women with woman spaces that are being…

I read this and, Max, I have compassion for your issue. I do not want anyone to feel, or be unsafe. But I think of the public swimming pool, for instance. There are no dressing rooms, just simple an open area locker room. The showers are the same.

As open minded as I am, I would be terribly uncomfortable finding manly body parts on the other people in the dressing room. Don’t you all think it is fair to have this discussion? I can not imagine how my teenage niece might react. She has never seen a penis before.

I can not imagine that trans women want to offend anyone, but I am not sure I am ready for this change, even if they are. I am glad that this young writer has opened the dialog, even if it makes us uncomfortable. I would like everyone to have their needs met.

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