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Crimson Capitals is a company with a vision, this leads to a mission which most financial institutions have. Two things in particular that separate it from the average financial institution is that it has a heart and has fully accepted the value of blockchains and cryptocurrency. The heart of Crimson Capitals is such that it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 1,000,000 of its “shares”, it shows no favoritism, each investor is treated equally. The company wants to ensure each and every investor to profit no matter what, based on a wise choice of varying assets. These assets include cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, and the depth and breadth of the company members who have shown themselves to have years of successful experience in these fields. The portfolio of the company is actively managed. Together the team can handle all of the needs to generate a portfolio which should have great returns for its clients.

To become a shareholder in Crimson Capitals you need to buy its token RIM. With the purchase of the RIM token you have invested your money or cryptocurrency in the beliefs and monthly profits of Crimson Capitals. Not only is RIM a token meant to be an investment, but will become an actively traded cryptocurrency. The company wishes to list RIM on exchanges where it can be traded as a typical cryptocurrency like Bitcon, adding a further dimension to the RIM token. The tokensale price for 1 RIM is 0.01 ETH at the time of writing; this is approximately $3.91 USD. This price allows the average person to participate as well as larger players.

Business Model

The business model is clearly unique by the distinct exploitation relying solely on a single blockchain. This leads to a decentralized format for investment in proven strong cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and Forex markets. Astonishingly, the concept of a blockchain model goes from an Initial Token Offering (ITO/ICO), to the back end, forming a complete cycle of what a cryptocurrency should be. Monthly profit sharing is done through the blockchain. All assets are tokens in which the assets selected by this skilled team are stable, blue chip, investments. The token to be released for the ITO/ICO phase is called CrimsonShares (RIM).

The profits derived from the holdings of the assets of the company will give dividend to its share holders via Ethereum, ETH, using DApps. This revolutionizes the concept of asset transfer with a strong belief in the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto. In the first quarter of 2021 Crimson Capitals plans on releasing a second token, CrimsonUSD, which sole purpose is to mimic the value of $1 USD. Once this token is created and released, it will then be used for dividend payments and for services the company plans on offering in the future. Crimson Capitals, is like no other in the Fintech, Financial Technology, sector; it is the complete package!

The monthly profits of the Crimson Capitals is distributed as follows, 40% to holders of RIM as dividends provided they are properly registered, 40% to the company to cover operating expenses, and a 20% reinvestment into the Company’s holdings. Although the operating costs may be high, the cost of a token or coin in the cryptoworld is not inexpensive, one needs to worry about the maintenance of the blockchain, listing fees for exchanges, the developmental cost for CrimsonUSD, staff salary, and so on. As a show of good will, for the first 3 months of operating, the company will take in no part of the proceeds.

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Consider the initial investment from tokensale to be 1,000,000 USD after converting ETH to USD. From this fund 800,000 USD (80%) is set to be used for investment and trading. Our estimated growth for a month is 10% on average. There can be more or less gain in a specific month. Using above Profit Distribution Percentage and average 10% monthly gain we get following results from 6 months of trading:

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The above process continues for every month. The results are as follows after 6 months of dividend distribution:
=> Investment Capital: 900,929 USD
=> Total Profits Made: 504,648 USD
=> Total Company Revenue: 103,926 USD
=> Total Dividend Distributed: 299,750 USD worth of Ethereum (ETH)
=> Total Reinvestment Value: 100,929 USD
From the above results, it clearly shows the potential growth of RIM tokens valuation and Return on Investment for investors. Not to forget this will make RIM a favorite of yield hunters so there will be huge demand for the token which will cause exponential growth of the token value. This will be a huge benefit for the early investors.


CrimsonShares (RIM) is an ERC-20 token issued by Crimson Capitals on top of Ethereum blockchain which represents shares of the company; 1 RIM token represents 1 share of Crimson Capitals.
Token Specifications:
Token Name: CrimsonShares
Token Symbol: RIM
Total Supply: 1,000,000 RIM or 1m RIM
Circulating Supply: 1,000,000 RIM or 1m RIM
Type: ERC20
Decimals: 4
Contract Address: 0x6FEf7b02eE69DFB6F8F0018d2163d37b02E22729

Crimson DApp
Crimson DApp is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it will be used to distribute dividend to the investors. Investors can deposit their RIM tokens into the DApp to receive monthly dividend which are paid in ETH proportionally and can withdraw ETH or RIM anytime they want once the distribution period is over.
Proportion Formula: (amount of RIM deposited into the DApp by an individual person / total RIM deposited into the DApp by all participants) * ETH
To receive dividend from Crimson DApp:

  • Firstly, you will have to deposit your RIM tokens into Crimson DApp to enable receiving dividend.
  • ETH Dividend will be sent to the DApp within the first 7 days of every month and deposit/withdrawal functions will be halted during this time, so you will have to make the deposit before that time.
  • Once the dividend distribution period is over, you can withdraw your ETH or RIM tokens anytime you want and also the deposit function will be available again.
  • You can keep your tokens deposited into Crimson DApp to keep receiving dividend every month uninterruptedly.

The U.S. dollar is the world’s primary reserve currency and the most used currency in international transactions; it is the official currency in several countries and the de facto currency in many others (source: Wikipedia). In the first quarter of 2021 Crimson Capitals plans on releasing a stablecoin that is Crimson Capitals’ Standard USD Token or CrimsonUSD, which refers to the exact value of $1 USD. CrimsonUSD will be used for dividend distribution and real world adaptation.
The stablecoin CrimsonUSD is:
• Fixed at a value of 1:1 ratio with USD
• The world’s best hedge against volatility as a token
• Backed by real USD that is generated from trading and investments
• A payment option for goods and investment services


RIM is primarily a dividend token, but RIM can be also used to transfer values like a payment method. RIM can be exchanged/traded for fiat or any other cryptocurrency in any RIM supported exchange/market.

100% of the RIM token supply is available for investors. There is no reserved token for Crimson Capitals since the company is already making money from their 40% share from profits. So there will never be a possible “token dumping by team” scenario for RIM. But Crimson Capitals may invest into RIM just like any other regular investment to hold the token value or to make profit.

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Crimson Capitals and DeFi
Crimson Capitals is the first company that came up with the idea of a blockchain based dividend paying system for an investment/trading company. It connects traditional stocks/shares systems to the blockchain ecosystem. It saves a lot of administration and the company doesn’t actually have to know their investors. RIM tokens can be easily bought/sold/held/traded anywhere in the world and it gives investors complete freedom. There is no registration; there is no verification whether or not the payout is as it should be. Crimson Capitals represents a decentralized model of traditional finance.

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Crimson Capitals doesn’t believe in artificial borders between humans. For many centuries humans were divided by country borders, racial borders. But this is the 21th century where the revolution of technology happened; the world has become more like a global village. People from every corner of our world should have financial freedom; no one should put restrictions on finance. People from any corner should have the rights to invest/spend their money anywhere they want. Because of this reason DeFi was introduced.
DeFi stands for “Decentralized Finance” which refers to open finance or distributed finance using blockchain technology. Fundamentally anyone with internet access can have access to decentralized finance. It can solve the problems of traditional finance and give everyone the proper rights and freedom to global finance. It can solve the problems of traditional finance and give everyone the proper rights and freedom to global finance.


In short, Crimson Capitals is a company with a vision and a heart. A company that cares about all of its RIM token holders and shows no preference due to decentralized blockchain technology. The company plans on making RIM available not only through the ITO, but through trading cryptocurrency tokens as well. The promise of monthly dividends and reinvestment in the companies holdings shows the dedication this skilled team has towards success of this project. In summary, Crimson Capitals RIM token is a must buy when released. The future is very bright.

The team behind the company strongly believes in transparency. At the end of every month, a report of the investments and PnL (Profit and Loss) will be made public. Along with it, all the live trades/investments taken will be made public and updated to our website with the investment made for that trade/investment. This will help investors to keep track of the invested funds. For example, let’s say the company has bought 500 ETH, investors can see order ID, order time, order price and more information about the trade or investment which will be available on our website. This will help the token holders to forecast the numbers. For example, the company has bought 1000 LTC at the beginning of the month at a price of 50 USD per LTC. Now it’s the 27th of the current month and LTC price is 80 USD; from this scenario investors can easily guess the numbers of the upcoming report and there will be a flow of more fresh money into the market from the expectations of more profit which means RIM value will be going up.

By investing in Crimson Capitals and holding RIM tokens, you can earn a handsome amount of dividend every month. Along with it, RIM will be a favorite of yield hunters so there will be huge demand for the token which will cause exponential growth of the token value. If the company does well and makes the right decisions, your investment will normally grow faster compared to placing it on a savings account where you collect interest.

Staking all other coins/tokens gives investors the same coins/tokens as reward. For example, if you stake “X” token, you get rewards in “X” token which doesn’t actually bring any value to the ecosystem of “X” token, it only creates inflation and devalues the token. Along with it, you will have to lock your coins/tokens for a certain amount of time, like months or years. But in the case of CrimsonShares, the dividend will be paid in Ethereum (ETH) which is a successful and easily liquidatable cryptocurrency. Currently ETH is ranked #2 among all other cryptocurrencies. And you will not have to lock your tokens for months or years to receive a dividend like other DAO or banks. Even you can just buy RIM tokens from exchanges and deposit into the DApp right before the distribution period starts to receive dividend. If someone is smart enough, he will check the ongoing trades and investments on the website and make an estimate of dividend; if there are impressive numbers, he will start collecting CrimsonShares before the report is published.

Investors can make money out of RIM in two ways:
1. By simply depositing RIM into DApp: This is the simplest way to make money out of RIM, deposit RIM and get a dividend.
2. By trading RIM based on forecast: If you see the company is doing well, then you can buy it and wait till the end of month. If the forecasted numbers are good, then there will be interested buyers at the end of month. You can sell your RIM to them at a higher price.

Flexibility of Crimson Capitals makes it a unique and best investment choice for investors. You won’t have to lock your funds/tokens for months or years to receive a dividend like other DAO or banks. Even you can just buy RIM tokens from exchanges and deposit into the DApp right before the distribution period starts to receive dividend. And also, you can easily withdraw your tokens/ETH anytime you want once the distribution period is over.

It’s very unlikely that Crimson Capitals will be closed because it aims to grow and become a billion dollar company. But in case of any difficulty, if the company wants to shut down itself then it will divide the total investment capital funds to RIM holders and the company itself to a 1:1 ratio. For example: If the total investment capital funds is 10,000,000 USD and in case of shutting down, the company will distribute 5,000,000 USD to the RIM holders and the remaining 5,000,000 USD will be kept for the company itself.


Q3, 2020

  • Project Launch
  • Development of RIM Token
  • ICO/Tokensale starts
  • Trading and investment starts

Q4, 2020

  • Partnership with exchanges
  • Development of Crimson DApp
  • Marketing and promotions
  • ICO/Tokensale ends

Q1, 2021

  • Development of CrimsonUSD
  • Improvement of the ecosystem
  • Partnership with various platforms
  • Releasing full roadmap for the year 2021

Crimson Capitals’ Tokensale/ICO

To fund the project and the platform, we conduct a token sale (ICO/ITO). Ticker symbol for our company token is RIM. Token sale proceeds as follows.
Tokensale Period: Aug-23–2020 to Dec-31–2020
Available in tokensale: 1,000,000 RIM (100% of the supply)
Company Reserve: There is no reserved token for the company.
SoftCap: 2,000 ETH
HardCap: 10,000 ETH
Accepted Currencies: Ethereum (ETH)
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 100 RIM or 1 RIM = 0.01 ETH
Initial Expenditure Allocation: 20% of total funds received from tokensale
Investment Capital: 80% of total funds received from tokensale
BONUS: 80% Dividend for first 3 months.

How to Participate in Tokensale

To participate in tokensale, you will have follow the steps given below:
1. Transfer your ETH to a wallet where you can have access to private key, for example Metamask, MyEtherWallet.
2. Send ETH to the contract address with GAS limit 100,000 or above: 0x6FEf7b02eE69DFB6F8F0018d2163d37b02E22729
3. Once your transaction is successful, smart contract will send RIM tokens to your wallet automatically.
4. To show RIM balance, add RIM as custom token in your wallet.

Bonus For Early Investors
There is a unique bonus available for early investors. Company’s share of profit will be kept 0% instead of 40% and investors will get 80% dividend for the first 3 months. Crimson Capitals doesn’t believe in the theory of giving free tokens as a bonus. Instead of that, they want to show our initial investors how the business model works and let them have more ETH as dividend.








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