Most of us don’t want partners as much as we want fascinating conversationalists. We don’t want relationships as much as we want stories and experiences. The kind that land themselves into great conversation pieces, social media narratives. The kind that have endings worthy of great novelists.
You don’t want a relationship, you want a story
Percy Bharucha

I see this so much in my today’s. We serve not for love, not for a companion in life but for that next great “relationship goals” même. We so much want that public perception or false reality of what a relationship is always suppose to be, all the time that we no longer seek to find a connection with someone. We seek only a brief shared moment where is appears we have found ever so quickly what many take years to build, cultivate, refine, learn about, understand or truly know the person we are with. We want now with the appearance of forever. We no longer seem to want Forever. We want a fake story, a fantasy novel.