The Japanese Kid (A Poem)

The Japanese Kid-

He hid round the block,

Staring incessantly, he looked at the clock.

Cringing with panic,

He grabbed a sonic-

He blared the crap, when given a tonic.

He hated medicine but loved a dime,

A dozen words, in every rhyme.

He loved anime, but mostly sine,

Hated math, just like wine.

Of all the characters, he loved Yamcha,

Krillin and Piccolo, drank saddened Kambucha.

Scribbling furiously, he wrote this story,

Poem or epiphany — he scribbled with glory.

Alas, he is, a hikkikomori at heart,

NEET or not, he got his start.

Fame or fake, you decide,

You’ve landed on my page, dyed in white.

This is not racist, don’t get me wrong -

I love Japan, and the land of songs.