Reasons For Having A Cell Phone In The School Premises

Having a cell phone along is no less than having a reliable friend around all the time. On one hand, small children are advised strictly against it, it is a need for the youth working hard to earning their daily bread. Though many educational institutes do not allow having a personal device within the premises, arguably it has a wide range of positive traits. Furthermore, the device doesn’t need to be something expensive. A best budget android phone is sufficient to serve the purpose.

Let’s understand in details, the positive effects of having a smartphone within the school premises

1. To Cope Up With The Sudden Change After School

Life after the schooling changes drastically. The young adults require to fit-in properly with the outside world quite rapidly, where the existence and functioning of a personal phone are compulsory. Having a cell phone in the last years of the schooling can smooth down the sudden change significantly.

2. To Become Responsible

A cellphone needs maintenance of its own. Having a personal phone will make them aware to care for their possession. Gradually they will learn to take responsibility for their personal issues and actions as well. Alos, teachers and parents should encourage them to use their cellphone judiciously. For instance, switching the phone to airplane mode while an exam and limiting the use of the same for educational purpose itself.

3. As An Additional Learning Tool

Several applications offer animation tutorials for numerous concepts and theories. Learning them in these modes not only makes the learning process more fun but also evoke the interest for the same, in the young, energetic minds. A more advanced model would offer additional advantages, otherwise, an average best budget android phone will just do fine.

4. In event Of Any Emergencies

Once in a while school students forget to carry their calculators or log tables for an important class or exam. Having a cell phone in these conditions will enable to get hold of the same by contacting their parents or other family members. Also, in event of any natural or man-made disaster, parents can reach out to their wards via their respective cell phone, without any troubles.

Thus, having a cell phone for grown-up children in the school is a wise step that will ensure a healthy growth and development.