Well, piy you weren’t elected as president, Criss.
Chris Harries

Don’t be fooled. Obama is still a politician. He still has people to please, and possibly even people who threaten his family to get him to do certain things. If the President were truly free to act once in place, this would probably be a very different country, possibly with more campaign trail promises kept. I was simply talking about Executive powers and what a President may do by law. What he may be able to do and remain unhurt — well, that is another story.

So go nominate Obama for sainthood if you think he’s so perfect. But no, in the end he’s a human like the rest of us.

I’m not deifying anyone, and I’m not villifying Obama. He’s bought, he has his strings pulled by others, and he’s cock-blocked by congress. Sounds like a normal day in DC.

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