Hi again Criss.
Chris Harries

First, stop saying you’re sure I could have done better. It’s patronizing. It’s possible that anyone willing to commit political suicide and potentially end up in a grave could have done better.

Which leads me to Bernie. He warned that if he ever backed a specific candidate rather than the people that he would be compromised. I have a feeling he wouldn’t have cared much if they threatened him. So perhaps they threatened Jane. It’s on my list of possibilities along with Trump being a shill.

Yes, I’m sure that there were many frustrations regarding Obama’s ability to make changes while in office.

Come to think of it, have we had a bachelor/widower for President since JFK? Interesting.

Yes, too many people are pointing at Obama and blaming him for whatever. Not only things under his control, but blaming him for making things worse where he made them better. Such is the way we are in our f-d up policital machine. If you stick your neck out, expect poky objects sticking out of it.

But there’s almost as many people pointing at Obama and over-inflating his wonderful-ness. He’s smart, he’s good-looking, he became (the first black) President. I actually would hope he finds a seat on the Supreme Court, that would actually be lovely but I don’t think there’s any precedent for that. He’s never (TMK) served as a justice. But he still probably could and progress on that track. He’s got some years left in him. That would put that brilliant brain and big-bill education to good use.

But was he “all that and a side of pancakes” as President? No. Good. Perhaps better than many expected. But I think the time of great Presidents is behind us. For now.

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