“If you were elected president of the United States, how wold you have done it better?” It’s worth sitting quietly and pondering that question with all the practicalities that go with it. “How would you have done it better?”
He’s not my president but I wish he was.
Chris Harries

For a start, when “they” — whoever they is — told me to take my sworn “enemy” Hillary on as Secretary of State, I’d have told them to shove it. Is that a good start for “better”?

Yes, he’s been cock-blocked by congress. There are still executive orders he could have issued, and support he could have drummed up.

Let’s take Citizens United. Supreme Court makes corporations into Corporate Citizens, including freedom of speech and the same caps on campaign spending as individual human citizens.

Obama could have gone on a campaign trail and encouraged the states to pass an Act to ammend the Constitution to BAN corporations from being “people” protected by Constitutional rights. Thus overturning the Supreme Court’s decision by changing the constitution to specifically prohibit this atrocity. (How it happened is complicated, and I can go into it, but basically a corporaton is a legal Entity and by law has to be able to enter into contracts and partnerships — so the Supreme Court ruled that it has basic human rights.)

There are ways to get around congress. And he could have done it.

But he’s Owned. So this was off the table.