Although I disagree completely with fracking, is there such a need to use such language to show…
Graciela Pardo Schlenker

I personally respect your opinion. On the flip side, I’m an author from Brooklyn, NY. In my area, cursing is a form of emotional emphasis, and not deeply offensive in itself. In sharing my authentic voice, I curse. I was raised where cursing is the norm, it’s part of my inherent language.

To not curse, for me, is self-censorship. I choose to do it in 90%+ of my dealings as social lubricant and because I’m a master of #adulting and I own a business. On the other hand, I’m teaching people how to write in their “authentic voice” — this is part of my living (teaching people how to write) —and sometimes when I teach something I have to look at myself and say “Am I doing this?” Shoemaker’s shoes.

And I recently realized that I self-censor too much. There’s times it’s obviously not appropriate to curse. But it hampers my creativity and communication when something is personal, emotional, and needs to be 100% authentic, deep, meaningful, touching, moving.

So I applaud the original poster for using a more authentic voice, and not sugar-coating their outrage and not Disney-fying it. My inner Brooklynite completely understands, shares the outrage, and wants to cheer it on.