Why are you so hell bent on clinging to a fossil fuel bridge that will destroy the future of the generation that elected you? Why do you continue to put fossil fuel profits over the health and safety of American citizens?
What The Fuck, Obama?
Lee Ziesche

In 2008, during the Democratic Primary debates, I watched Hillary & Obama get into a row on stage. I watched them sling garbage at each other. And I realized why. They’re bought. They played off each other and gave the public a show. That’s when I realized the race was doomed, that the 2 main candidates were bought and sold. Real adults don’t act that way unless their corporate puppetmasters have handed them a script.

Same between Hillary & Trump this time. Hillary is a terrific trained puppet. Follow the email trail. And she served under Obama — right after they were at each other’s throats. Their Masters planning this election.

You don’t have to ask these questions. The corporations are making their ultimate power grab. Obama set the stage, the “good, innocent” president who is paving the way for someone much more willing to go the extra mile and bend the rules so long as someone out there is watching her back to keep her out of jail.

And Trump — he’s playing his role of pushing Republicans away very well too.

Convince the people that you’re serving them while you are selling the country out from underneath them. Well-played. But purely, totally, greedily, evil.

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