The Art World: It’s a Jungle Out There

photo: Crista Cloutier

I am a million miles away from home. A million miles away from the life I once knew in the center of the contemporary art world.

I meditate on the turns my life has taken as I sit outside my stone cottage. Soon, night falls and I listen to the sounds from the Provencal forest.

Tonight I hear wild boar. It sounds like a mother and her litter. They are close and coming closer, attracted by the cool water of the nearby stream after such a hot summer’s day.

And to think that just a few hours earlier, someone had warned me of the dangers of wild boar. Particularly when they have their babies with them.

They charge and kill, I was told. Stay well away!

But it’s not just the wild boars.

Beware of the vipers, people caution. They’re venomous. And they’re everywhere.

But I am not afraid.

You see, I spent years working in the professional art world with all kinds of art dealers, brokers, and collectors. So I’ve met some real bores, and an awful lot of snakes.

The key is to back away quietly when you see one coming, then turn and run like hell.

Because there have been times when I’ve nearly been bored to death.
And the snakes, well, I’ve charmed a few. But you don’t want to get too close, because their stings can be lethal.