When we build interconnected systems we need a core understanding and focus on identity before addressing other issues. Medical credentialing is the perfect place to start in healthcare.


Medical credentialing is a lengthy process that often takes between four to six months to complete.

To complete their credentialing, practitioners need to confirm many details such as:

  • Board certification
  • Academic background
  • References
  • work history
  • Background checks
  • Immunization history
  • Additional sub-industry & regional requirements

This process takes months as it involves contacting several entities and institutions. To be precise, the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS)…

Practically everywhere in the world, your first cry is almost immediately matched with the first verification of your identity, your birth certificate. To this first claim, designed as a proof of who you are, will follow countless third-party issued certificates of your being, from passports or ID cards, to health care cards or driver’s licenses. Without them, without these endless proofs of our identity, we could not function in today’s society, we could not work, drive, travel or be taken care of.

But the map of our identity is not only limited to these physical artifacts. Since the advent of…

A few days ago I came across a post on Linkedin pointing out the current obsession of the tech industry for everything that had the word Blockchain attached to it. The post, continued by highlighting the importance for companies to sort out basic elements of their functioning before focusing on the implementation of a new and highly experimental technology. The author believed that sorting out issues in such fundamental areas, like customer support, were a priority much higher than any new shining trend.

At that point, I felt it opportune to reply by sharing a situation I had just experienced…

The healthcare industry has long been defined by its push towards vertical innovation. Billions of dollars are not spent in vain every year in medical and pharmaceutical research. Behind the obvious benefit for the population lies also the ever-growing business interest of a global industry seeking better margins. The margins come, in most part, from the burden assumed by private citizens and States which are forced to play by the rules of the market when it comes to gaining access to this basic human service.

On the other hand, the healthcare industry has used its position of power to historically…

As studies emerge predicting that between 40% and 60% of western companies revenue growth will likely come from emerging economies over the next ten years, the interest to gather and analyze Big Data coming from these markets also grows. Companies in developed economies are starting to increase their budget spending on data analytics in these markets with the objective of getting a better understanding of this largely unknown consumer psyche.

It is estimated that over 60% of the world’s total data will be coming from EM in the next few years. Yet, at present, only slightly over 10% of the…

Just like the Internet in the early 90’s, every tech revolution starts somewhere. Online gaming pioneers were the first to widely experiment with the boundaries of the network, to create within it, and ultimately to bring it into the mainstream. But before they did so, the internet was originally seen by the public as a gaming platform — one that broke all the boundaries of what was possible, but still, a technological breakthrough linked predominantly to just one industry. It took years for the revolution to expand and take over all industries.

When it comes to the blockchain, the public…

Why it’s time for feminism to become fertility positive

Millennial women need a new fertility movement in tune with their reality and their world

The F word could stand for so many words.

Femininity, family, fate, failure, frustration.

As diverse and different as these words are, they can all be linked to the word I am dedicating these lines to. However, unlike our word, they have not been the object of such an inexplicable and paradoxical taboo.

Our word represents one of the most important dimensions of anyone’s life. Nevertheless, in many cases we are taught to block it even before we learn about it.

Our F word is fertility.

This F word, we are taught, should only be pronounced when we need to…

Cris Torres Fernandez

Blockchain and Femtech consultant

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