Saying goodbye: Learning to live and love in dog years
Patrick Linder

Thank you for sharing.

I too have had the pleasure of bringing a dog into my life. And he too, has taught me a number of lessons.

Levi has been with me for about six years. I’ve gone through hell and back, but he has always been there, like a little yellow zen master, as you pointed out, to remind me of the here and now, to be present in the moment and love unconditionally.

I saw a thing on FB once. It said that dogs are here for such a short time in contrast to humans, because the purpose of life is to learn how to love unconditionally. Dogs, knowing this innately are here to show us, to make an impression and move on.

I hope the best for you. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling, but it seems like the lessons you learned along the way have prepared you well.

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