Bunny Gang Survivor — Single Image Collection

“Earn Royalties thru staking from defunct The Bunny Gang NFT. This is a Cronos Tycoon project. Passive income thru real life businesses.” — Nilbog12 Cronos Tycoon founder#1962 (KYC’d)

The Bunny Gang was a project that took place on the Cronos Chain in Jan of 2021. They have not been active since. The community has come together and wants to bring back the utility of this bad boy.

Minting this Bunny Gang Survivor will grant you staking rights to earn $ARMY.

Mint details are as follows.

Collection Size: 300 — Single Image
Mint Price: 30 CRO
WL Price: 20 CRO

Mint Time: 2nd January, 2023 @ 2100hrs UTC

Proceeds will pay for the Artwork, then $ARMY will be purchased for staking.

This is the beginning of Cronos Tycoon and CroArmy relationship. We look forward to seeing what they are working on!