Christmas is getting closer and you know what this means: SantaCro is about to visit CroMoon & Cronos, to celebrate Christmas with the whole #CroFam and #CroMoonTeam.

This guide is for newcomers, that need assistance in buying one out of 5555 SantaCro NFTs.

Unlike or other chains, minting on Cronos is much like minting an Ethereum NFT project. If there are any questions, always visit our Discord channel(LINK)

There are two ways to mint a SantaCro, let’s take a look at both:

Option 1: Use Metamask to mint a SantaCro (the only option possible if you want to mint through the CroMoon website)

Reference Link with pictures:

Step 1: Install the Metamask Extension from the browser extension marketplace

Install the metamask extension

Step 2: Create a Metamask wallet. Set up your password and keep your seed phrase (12 English words) somewhere safe. Be sure to write the seed phrase down and do not leave it anywhere on the Internet.
By default, will automatically prompt you to switch to Cronos (CRO). However, if it does not, do Step 3.

Step 3: Setup Metamask to connect to Cronos (CRO)

  1. Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab saying Main Ethereum Network.
  2. Scroll down until you find Custom RPC.
  3. Enter the details:

Network Name: Cronos


ChainID: 25

Symbol: CRO

Block Explorer URL:

Click save.

Your Metamask wallet address (which should start with 0x…) is right below your wallet name and can be copied.

  1. Send CRO from your exchange / app to your Metamask Wallet Address using the link:

Remember to select ‘Cronos’ as your network, as shown here:

Make sure to select the CRO network

Congrats, you now got CRO on your metamask wallet! Scroll down to “How to mint a SantaCro”

Option 2: CDC DeFi Wallet DeFi wallet

Assuming you already have the CDC Defi App, follow these steps:

  1. Download your web3 wallet extension (which serves as your wallet to purchase) here:

2. Link your CDC Defi App to your wallet extension here: . You will find that after linking, your wallet extension address should be the same as your CDC Defi App.

3. You should be able to find your wallet address easily in the wallet extension!

4. In preparation for mint, send CRO from your exchange / app to your CDC Defi / Wallet Extension Address! Be sure to test send with 10 CRO and make sure you choose the Cronos chain!

Mint Your SantaCro (proceed from here, if you got CRO on your wallet):

Ok, you did it! You got some CRO on your metamask / wallet and you are now ready to get your hands on a SantaCro!

There are two ways to mint a SantaCro, through our website ( or through the Ebisusbay NFT marketplace website. Let’s take a look at both.

  1. How to mint a SantaCro on the CroMoon website:

If you want to mint a SantaCro NFT through the official CroMoon website, you will need a Metamask wallet to connect and buy.

Step 1: Visit or and connect your wallet (click “mint your SantaCro”)

  1. How to mint a SantaCro on Ebisusbay:

If you want to mint a SantaCro NFT through the Ebisusbay NFT marketplace, you are free to use the DeFi wallet or Metamask

Step 1: Visit and connect your wallet

Happy minting!

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