Five Big Reasons to Cowork

As freelancers, entrepreneurs, and pioneers who say no to the traditional career route, we want to keep costs down. But! Before you cram into that coffee shop, and force down 3 cups of coffee to alleviate your guilt, consider coworking. Coworking can actually be a viable and affordable alternative, and it comes with its own set of upsides.

Build your network

There is a lot of truth to the notion that we are the product of our environment- so why not surround yourself with like minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. Creating opportunities is key and being in the right place at the right time is important. By being part of a coworking community you’re increasing you chances to find that next client, business partner, or mentor that you were looking for.

Spice up your environment

Ok- I know this kind of ties back to the previous one, but there are a plethora of studies out there that show the correlation between a good environment and productivity. If you’re constantly working from home it is easy to feel isolated and unmotivated. If you switch up the environment your brain will have new stimulus to thrive on.

Amenities, amenities, amenities

Amenities are everything and some business have become very successful just because they offer better amenities over their competition. That’s why we go to Equinox or live in luxury buildings because it’s all about the amenities. The beauty about a co-working space is you can get awesome and useful amenities at an affordable price- all the coffee you can drink, bottled water, beer, snacks, clean bathrooms, places to have a meeting- score! You can finally go to the bathroom in peace and not have to worry whether your laptop will still be there or some rando from Starbucks ran off with it.

Stay mobile

Nothing’s worse than having to find a place to go over last minute notes before a big potential client pitch. Having a safe bet and knowing that you’ll have a solid place for a last minute brief is important. This is a little difficult to get with hyper-local co-working spaces and incubators, BUT, places like WeWork, The Yard, and services like Croissant offer access to a variety of locations throughout NYC. That means no more having to bet on coffee shop seats being open.

Look legit

Legitimacy is something that all companies and freelancers struggle with initially. Telling people you work out of coffee shops or a “home office” just screams, “Keep me updated and let’s talk in six months to see where you’re at”. The human brain works through associations to speed up the decision making process. The associations might be selling your talents short. You could be the greatest at whatever you do, but legitimacy is almost more important. Having an “office” could mean the difference of a client choosing your services over your competitor.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you need a list of co-working spaces in the city just visit

What’s your favorite thing about co-working?

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