Battle Of Elements (Part 2) — Game Currencies

Magic Dust and Magic Shards

3 min readFeb 12, 2023

Economy in Games

The aspect of a player-driven economic scheme, in progressive multiplayer games, is something that we met long before the blockchain. The importance of an asset that can be rewarded and traded to upgrade users’ playing experience is vital to keep things moving and sustain competitiveness.

With blockchain, in-game assets can acquire real value, further increasing the enticement of users’ participation. In Battle of Elements, there are 2 different types of in-game currencies, each one serving a different, but significant role.

Magic Dust

Magic Dust is the primary in-game currency of Battle of Elements and acts as the main fuel that drives the ecosystem. It is an economic asset that has real value, closely related to CROpperfield’s token price, as it can be traded at a fixed ratio of 1 to 100.

When it comes to its tokenomics, Magic Dust follows a player-driven mint-burn mechanism, which sets its total supply undefined. Magic Dust is minted whenever it is rewarded to players, and burnt whenever it is used by them. Obviously, that alone would be impossible to keep the economy sustainable, as the available Play-To-Earn pool of CROpperfield Tokens would shrink significantly over time, so further implementations are introduced along with CROpperfield’s deflationary nature to support the economic scheme.

Rewarding (Minting) routes of Magic Dust:

  • PvP mode (9% of the total P2E pool monthly, slightly decreasing over time)
  • PvE mode (~6% of the total P2E pool monthly, slightly decreasing over time)
  • Elite Mage Farm passive rewards (3% of the total P2E pool monthly, slightly decreasing over time)

Consuming (Burning) routes of Magic Dust:

  • Customizing the Wizard Character (Resetting the attribute points, Renaming, etc.)
  • Purchasing of miscellaneous items (attack boosters, defense boosters, enchanting scrolls, exp scrolls, etc.)
  • Upgrading miscellaneous items (exp scrolls, lucky charms)
  • Opening Equipment Boxes (not available for high-grade equipment)
  • Special events, lotteries for highly enchanted equipment

Play-To-Earn Pool supply routes:

  • 5% fee when trading Magic Dust to CROpperfield Tokens
  • 2% fee on every marketplace sale, including all of the Battle of Elements assets (wizards, equipment, miscellaneous items)

Magic Shards

Magic Shards are the secondary in-game currency of Battle of Elements and their purpose is to allow players to progress faster in the game. Magic Shards act as consumable NFTs and can be obtained by staking CROpperfield tokens. The reward ratio is fixed and is closely related to the number of tokens each user has staked.

Magic Shards use cases:

  • Refilling a Wizard's stamina so he can participate in more PvE fights, getting additional exp and loots daily.
  • Every 20 levels, a Wizard is requested to provide Magic Shards in order to level up further, increasing his skill and his progress in the game.




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