Almost ready to go live…

I’m excited to announce that the website will go live in the near future. The company was formally incorporated back in February when the business model was finalized. Cross My Place’s main goal is to reduce the total cost of a real estate transaction while implementing additional security and providing a proprietary bidding system to negotiate a price. Since incorporation, most of the focus has been on building an admin and content management system to provide top quality customer service.

The business model of Cross My Place has turned out to be unique and I want to make sure that when it is launched, we will be able to assist both buyers and sellers in a clear and timely manner. I have been working to add a demo section so anyone interested can see the full process from either the buyer’s or seller’s perspective. I’m especially pleased with the way the bidding system has been designed and implemented since I feel it will help a seller receive strong bids. It is different from the way offers are collected using other common methods and I feel this demo section will showcase how seamless it will be for both the buyers and sellers.

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