Revised the landing page to clarify the services Cross My Place offers

Cross My Place offers three key services:

Listing service to automatically post the property listing on external sites

Pre-screen all buyers to verify financial ability

Proprietary negotiation tool to electronically negotiate with buyers in a highly structured manner

New landing page

The first version of the intro page used a simple js script format the page perfectly for any device. It worked great and I knew that the page rendered as I wanted it. The entire intro page had several sections and once the user would begin to scroll to the next, the js script automatically moved the page so that the entire section was displayed within the screen again.

Sounds great, but this sliding to different sections took time and made it difficult to jump quickly to different sections. I’ve been using Google Analytics to track performance and it seemed clear that users were becoming bored with this intro section and leaving my site before exploring it further.

I decided to scrap the js script and go back to a normal flow where the user can scroll freely. I think this will make the site more user friendly as the site will respond as expected. There is nothing novel about the layout but sometimes simplicity is best.

Since I was revising the design, I took this opportunity to make some other changes. I started to promote my site using search engine ads and have been examining the performance of certain keywords the bring users to my site. I realized that the best keywords were bringing my target audience, but my landing page did not immediately show these users what they wanted.

In my first version of the landing page, I described how users would benefit from my site. At the time I thought this made perfect sense and the page had a logical flow. After reviewing the ads that were bringing people to my site, I realize that the specific services I was offering was not fully clear. More importantly, several of those keywords were not on my landing page at all. I basically deleted the original content and rewrote it to clearly show what my company offers.

Services offered by Cross My Place

My company is a real estate service firm located in NYC and will help property owners, whether they are individual FSBO or property developers, sell their property fast using organized methods to list, interact with buyers, and negotiate a price.

I will keep reviewing the stats on Google Analytics to see if the bounce rate improves. Right now I think there is a good chance it will.

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