Hi people,

Dr. Marian Davis, healthcare consultant at Crossroads Pharmacy.

Denver's University of Colorado hosted my three-year family medicine residency.

I'm a well-educated family doctor. My patient-centered approach and solid client connections have brought many clients to my clinic since I began practicing medicine. Both mental health and geriatric medicine pique my curiosity. I've given talks at many conventions and written over fifteen papers on family medicine for publication.

Reading, gardening, and family nature excursions are my favorite pastimes. I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Crossroads was established in 2006 to provide nearby locals with easy and fast access to a wide range of medications and other products. We also strive to deliver excellent in-store and online client service. Our pharmacists and Dr. Marian Davis can address most medical treatment questions. Dr. Davis also regularly reviews our website material to verify accuracy and currency. We cooperate with local and national medical establishments to provide efficient and effective health and wellness management options to the community.

We average 100 daily new customers and over 1,500 regulars in the neighborhood. Thank you for your patronage, and we hope to see you again soon at Crossroads Pharmacy.

Marian Davis

Marian Davis

My name is Dr. Marian Davis, and I work here at Crossroads Pharmacy as a healthcare consultant.