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What even is security?

A big HELLO 👋🏻 from CroudThings and welcome to OUR THIRD ARTICLE!! This week we’re tackling the world of IoT and security. We’ll get to grips with what security means in IoT, what the big-hitting issues are and what might happen if we get it wrong.

The concept of security is generally one that’s overlooked by the majority of technology users, and is only ever really considered when you’re setting (or resetting — insert witty remark about Facebook logging you out after an eternity and not remembering your password) a password. …

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Here We Goooo…

Welcome back to the second article in the “Beginners’ Guide to IoT”! This week, we’re taking a look at IoT and the Home. We will avoid specific bits of home automation and IoT kit you’ll no doubt have stumbled upon while browsing Amazon (other retailers are available), and instead we will inspect the broader implications for these technologies on the cities and communities our homes are a part of.

After our last article, we had really positive feedback, but one of the key questions that kept cropping up was “ok, I get that IoT is useful, but how exactly is it going to make people healthier and happier?”. This is a fantastic question but unfortunately not one that has a short or straightforward answer. We’re never ones to shy from a challenge, so by the end of this series, we hope to have put forward an understandable and genuinely convincing case for how IoT is going to rock our world (for the better…)! …

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The Start


We’re really excited to be publishing our first article in our ‘Beginner’s Guide to IoT’ series. If you caught the intro post that preceded this one, you’ll have an idea of what we’re aiming to achieve through this series, but if not, don’t worry — the Beginner’s Guide to IoT sets out to provide a fundamental understanding of the Internet of Things. …


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