Marketing vs. Sales: What’s the difference?

Does Everybody Know Your Name? . . . Marketing vs Sales, there is a difference!

Lisa Henry-Harper, visual storyteller at Crow Beautiful Digital Media

I have been a legal marketer for Mississippi attorneys for more than five years and the first consultation consists of explaining the difference between Marketing and Sales. It is verbally shared with attorneys and also given in our informational consultation sheet. This understanding is important. We only offer marketing services, it is the firm’s or attorney’s job to close the sales. The concept of Marketing and Sales applies to every sort of business. No matter how large or small the business model, marketing and sales perform the exact same way.

Marketing and Sales are like shoes and socks. They work together, however have very different features and functions. They also can operate and be used separately and stand alone, however when used together gives outstanding results.

I know most have heard, “ You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” Well, marketing leads a horse to water only, it is sales that makes them drink.

Marketing sets the stage and the sales department cements the relationship or closes the sale, for it is the sales person that has the real one-on-one contact, the PERSONAL contact with the potential client or customer. If Sales fails in establishing a great sales and brand image experience, future efforts of Marketing are in jeopardy. Confidence is lost in the Brand, and Marketing must work harder to lead a horse to water or can do the job of leading the same audience once more to try the same water again.

Marketing and Sales are very different. Understanding the difference will create success to you and your Brand. (A successful brand is Seasame Street. Still love the characters. My favorite’s are Bert & Ernie. The marketing is fantastic and the confidence felt by us about this brand is through the roof. We believe and trust these characters and now will buy anything the brand sells. We trust purchasing from this brand because they have delivered to us just what they marketed.)

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P. S.

One important thing I forgot. We make sure that the attorney we work with is a closer. A closer is someone who knows how to sale and close potential client’s. If we market and are doing our part, it means nothing if the attorney cannot close or sale their firm to potential client’s. Marketing services cannot survive without sales people, closers or rainmakers and vice-versa.

Socks and shoes work best together!

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