Introducing Dether: enabling anyone on Earth to buy ether with cash and spend it at physical…

I’m curious if Dether will end up utilizing any of the .eth Ethereum domain names. Is that something you guys are at all interested in? Have a couple myself that may fit in PERFECTLY with what you’re doing here for customer/user wallet accounts:

  • MyBillPay.eth
  • PaymentGateway.eth
  • My-Wallets.eth
  • IOweYou.eth
  • iBanking.eth
  • Institutions.eth
  • Transferred.eth
  • MyProducts.eth
  • MyShoppingCart.eth
  • Bill-Pay.eth
  • Coin-Transfer.eth
  • MyRemit.eth

If Dether is using ENS domains as a white-label solution to offering Ethereum payment processing to existing institutions with real-world merchants, your client account with user wallet might look like:

UserName.DetherClientName.PaymentGateway.eth; or

If Dether is solely working with consumers and merchants, they might look like:

ConsumerUserName.Dether.PaymentGateway.eth; or simply

Instead of using a 42-digit address, Dether users can simply use their .eth domain name. Which do you think is easier for consumers to deal with — the above, or the 42-digit address below?


Aragon was the first to come out and announce an ENS domain use case with Company.eth for their company domain registry.

District0x project recently utilized District.eth in order to thwart potential hackers/fraudsters from taking advantage of District0x contributors.

Happy to chat! Also, other sites like have popped up as secondary exchanges for these domains.

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