This article is junk.

The difference between volume in processing USD vs XRP is that there are a finite amount of XRP, but we aren’t sure what the market supply truly looks like for the USD in terms of counterfeit bills, old bills destroyed, etc. The USD doesn’t ‘soak up value’ like Ripple’s XRP has the ability to.

That’s one major difference here and I made sure to address the fact that it is unlikely that XRP actually does hold all of this AND the fact that I used the present-day quantity when, in reality, that quantity will increase by 1-billion XRP per month for the next 54–months.

This is an opinion-piece and I will continue to urge my readers to take this with a major grain of salt as these are just some of the forces playing on Ripple’s price. The fact that the XRP has the ability to retain increasing amounts of value as compared with the USD and how macro-forces will effect that store of value (XRP) moving forward is what I wanted to illustrate here.

Yeah, total volume processed does not equate to market cap — totally agree. However, the fact that the processed transaction can stay in XRP is the big difference here and could realistically lead to massive amounts of capital flowing into XRP and STAYING in XRP after the payment is processed simply because those accepting XRP may continue to keep XRP or spend it on their company’s bills.

Sorry you found this article unhelpful and junk — there are plenty of Medium authors out there that you can read. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment on my article.

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