Very misleading…you are implying that Volume = Value….they
Stephen Carbaugh

The major difference between processing payments in the USD and the XRP is that we are unsure what the market supply for the USD looks like, but have an exact number of XRP that will be put into existence.

When you’re looking at the macro picture and big numbers like Visa or Mastercard’s payment processing volume, you need to remember that the value can be transferred FROM the USD to the XRP where it may be retained.

Since the USD is so liquid, so utilized, we don’t truly know how many are out there. The USD is widely accepted and used as $1.00. 1 XRP will have a much more dynamic price than 1 USD will — that volume being processed in XRP can be retained in XRP where it has the potential to grow.

The fact that it can also be used as a means to further diversify an investment fund — that’s another major force on XRP’s price that may not have as much price effect on the USD.

Those are the types of forces I am illustrating in this article. I even made sure to address the fact that it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that XRP retains all of the value of the funds processed through it because, well, it’s obvious some people, or a majority, will be taking their processed funds in fiat currency instead of keeping it in XRP.

Thanks for spending your time and energy reading my article and writing a long comment, despite the negativity. I always appreciate hearing other people’s perspectives. Thanks.

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