Wow. I Did Not Expect This…300 Steemian Followers Already!

Hey Fellow Steemians!!

I first stumbled upon Steemit about 9-months ago. As most of you entering the cryptocurrency world, I was confused and did not truly understand how this stuff works — still can’t say I truly know the ins and outs of blockchain/cryptocurrency, but I don’t think any one person does. So I signed up for an account and let it sit for 6-months until about 3-months ago when I joined the Steemit platform for good!

This piece was taken from this original Steemit post

My goal with using Steemit is literally just to build an amazing community that I can create and provide value to — really that simple.

Meaning, we are all human beings with unique likes and interests and I want to connect with others outside of my normal business and entrepreneur-centric lifestyle. I literally enjoy coming on here and supporting other Steemians along with providing my insights into cryptocurrency trading and the trends happening within the market. At the same time, I promote Steemian artwork natively within my posts, usually every other post or so.

Please feel free to throw out content suggestions around new ICOs and cryptocurrency uses for me to cover — LOVE engaging with my fellow Steemian Community and other communities I am a part of!

I truly believe WE, TOGETHER build this cryptocurrency community. Unlike Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, Steemit doesn’t try to take every piece of our attention to monetize on, but instead helps us monetize on our own use of this platform — really cool!

I will begin bringing bounty program updates to my posts so fellow Steemians can have a chance to learn about opportunities to earn cryptocurrency SIMPLY BY FOLLOWING AND SHARING ICO UPDATES ON TWITTER… This is something I have been doing to earn different types of altcoins without investing, but instead by analyzing the ICO and deciding whether or not I want to participate in it. Sometimes bounty programs are included to reward you simply by sharing your link for somebody else to invest in the ICO. You will usually gain a % of their investment, making this a cool way for us to help each other earn bonus coins!

Feel free to also follow me on Steemit — I share updates on there that aren’t always on Medium

Below are some resources if you are new to cryptocurrency and interested in purchasing other types from exchanges OR need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with fiat:

Originally published at on July 9, 2017.