Our Vision, Our Mission, What We Believe

At CrowdSchool, we think big.

How big?

Check out our vision and mission. Then let us explain what we believe in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unleash the power of creative learning in every person to solve individual and worldwide challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the planet’s most creative learning company by building a community where teachers and students can discover the resources they need to put creative learning at the heart of school.

What We Believe In

School is where we are supposed to learn things. Yet, kids want to be anywhere but school.

This doesn’t mean kids hate learning. They’ll spend hours learning how to hit a ball, or weeks working through a tough video game with their friends.

Kids just can’t stand much of the learning pushed by our school system. We’ve all been there: you remember the worksheets, the rows, and the endless memorization.

We know teachers work tirelessly to make things different. How do we know this? Because we are teachers. We created CrowdSchool so that the world’s greatest teachers could share the creative and innovative projects they do in class.

With CrowdSchool, students and teachers work together to learn, make, and share. They use creative learning to solve challenges and produce genuine innovation. CrowdSchool helps students and teachers be designers, not factory employees. Thus, 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication are at the heart of CrowdSchool Challenges.

We believe technology and computers are game changers. Teachers can use technology to start a learning revolution.

We also see that most ed tech is not designed by educators. As a result, most ed tech and blending learning programs reinforce outdated pedagogies. Worksheets, lectures, and busy work now just have a new medium: the computer screen. CrowdSchool empowers the world’s best teachers to change this.

Using readymade CrowdSchool Challenges, teachers are helping each other to save time and make learning engaging and exciting. Instead of kids doing the same old school, they’re making amazing, creative, innovative work on CrowdSchool. School, like real authentic learning, is serious fun. Kids are happy, and teachers get the prestige they deserve.

Let’s #ReimagineSchool as a creative place to learn, make and share.

This post was written by Tim Monreal, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at CrowdSchool.

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