PBL Playlist: Issue #1

Your weekly guide to the world of project based and creative learning.

Lets #ReImagineSchool

Education’s greatest pitfall should be its greatest strength

When I was young, I never found school interesting enough, so I read other books that I (actually) found interesting. The linear education model is broken…

Yes, There IS a Creativity Crisis!

Creativity has decreased in the Unites States since 1990. We must improve the creative climate to reverse the trend…

Personalized PBL: Student-Designed Learning

When teachers move toward personalized PBL, their role continues to shift…

My latest PBL success in Mathematics

The problem was: “The Safari Park board has asked you to help establish an animal friendly Safari park”…

What Helps Students Get Good Jobs?

The latest results from Phi Delta Kappa’s annual poll.Check out standardized tests versus real-world projects in the image below…

A World of Project Ideas (You Can Steal)

The sky’s the limit — which can be a challenge for teachers designing their first projects…

Looking to Kill Creativity and Innovation? It’s Easy! (A Tongue-in-Cheek Perspective)

Tired of people taking initiative or developing creative solutions? Feel like putting a stop to that? It isn’t hard to do…

How Can Project-Based Learning Motivate Students Even Further?

Educators can take project design even further to motivate all learners...

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