Introducing a better way for Blockchain Startups to get Advisors and early traction.

Crowdstride is a platform that will enables Blockchain related startups to tie in to thousands of Advisors spread around the world.

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Lynda is hard at work sitting on the balcony of her condo, but from time to time she pauses to take a deep breath and enjoy the view. Her life is going well, she found a way to apply her exceptional Blockchain and Technology expertise to advise dozens of startups across the world. She doesn’t just love it; she can express he intellectual skills and her creativity in a way that feels very rewarding to her. Plus she earns a good living from it because the startups she’s involved in value her Advices and rewards her generously.

Lynda is having a good time. Why wouldn’t you? CrowdStride will soon allow you to do so!

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How will it work?

We’re hard at work on the development of Crowdstride and excited to let the idea in the light, here’s how we see it working:

  1. Startups dump the idea of having just a few Advisors in exchange of huge amounts and instead, at the early phases of their developement, they subscribe to CrowdStride and fill in the roadmap templates provided.
  2. Each projects will be reviewed by the Crowdstride foundation. A legal entity which will be based in Canada and which will have a constitution and the mandate of maintaining the CrowdStride blockchain.
  3. The results of theses reviews will be made public and the approved projects will have to integrate their project with the Crowdstride API and commit legally to distribute part of their initial offering through the Crowdstride platform.
  4. Once a project is approved and integrated, Advisors on the platform (Acoin owners) receive a notification and are invited to vote or offer suggestions on the specific steps within the roadmap of the new startup.
  5. Both Startups and Advisors see the steps and voting results using an easy and comprehensive interface on or on the CrowdStride mobile application. (Android)
  6. The startup picks the directions they finally choose using the Crowdstride interface. Advisors who’s votes or suggestions are picked receive an increase in value to their Acoins on the CrowdStride Blockchain.
  7. The startup’s ICO or service launch is clear to all Advisors and they can help spread the word about projects they are passionate about.
  8. The CrowdStride API, Crowdstride Blockchain re-distributes the rewards to Advisors based on their score. The rewards comes in whatever form that the startup raised based on the initial agreement. (Tokens from the startup, Bitcoins, Ether, Altcoins, etc..)
  9. CrowdStride charges small transaction fees on Acoins (1–3%)
  10. Everybody profits!

If you would like to comment or contribute on the roadmap please join us on the Telegram group and let us know!

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How will the A Coin work?

The first 500 coins will be given to people who subscribe for email updates at before we launch the Acoin and will be part of a Beta version which we will release soon.

After the beta version we are going to announce the supply, initial pricing and utility of the coin along with a detailed whitepaper on the project and when A coins will be available. The A coin will be used to access the platform and be able to vote or suggest to startups.

As for the technical part, we’re currently developing our own protocol using an existing open source one but we are also exploring the option of going with a hybrid architecture which would use an existing blockchain to power up CrowdStride.

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May 2018

  1. Technology stack decided, backlog created and first sprints begin.
  2. WhitePaper to be reviewed, amended and sent to first 500 subs for feedback. Then a few days later made public and accessible via
  3. Strategy discussion: What would be cool to do with remaining tokens assigned to growth? Results will be shared to email subs.
  4. Answer questions on: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit & BitcoinTalk.
  5. FAQs to be Drafted based on 500 subs feedback and questions answered.
  6. In-house alpha version release.

June 2018

  1. Legal audit and setup of legal entity: CrowdStride Canada.
  2. Reviewing and updating Terms and Conditions.
  3. Implement & test KYC process.
  4. Design and create visual assets.
  5. Start social media campaign starts.
  6. Building Partnerships with early projects available on CrowdStride.
  7. Beta release.

July 2018

  1. Influencers/endorsements.
  2. Create Smart Contracts For Launch.
  3. Launch marketing begins (Growing an audience, Brand awareness.)
  4. Smart Contracts Audits.
  5. Security Audits.
  6. Beta Ends.
  7. Whitelist process begins

August 2018

  1. Beta feedback development sprints before release.
  2. Online event to put the spotlight on the first projects featured on CrowdStride.
  3. Release of public version 1.0 of CrowdStride as a web application at
  4. A Coin sale begins
  5. Recruitment to build mobile app begins

September 2018

  1. Review Whitepaper, Userflows & Development backlogs and release next version to the public.
  2. CrowdStride Mobile app development begins.
  3. Alpha in-house release of Mobile App.
  4. A Coin sale ends. Holders who have not gone through KYC are asked to do so.
  5. Daily Q&A and support on Telegram along with email support begins.

October 2018

  1. First projects advised on CrowdStride start to show progress and results. We’ll interview them and report back to the public here.
  2. A Coin sale ends. Holders who have not gone through KYC are asked to do so.
  3. Development sprints for Web version 1.1
  4. Legal and KYC reviews.
  5. Marketing of Mobile App begins.
  6. New wave of projects is added to Crowdstride.
  7. Recruit head of responsibility & partnerships.

November 2018

  1. Release of Mobile App 1.0 & Web version 1.1
  2. Focus on adding projects and extending the Crowdstride brand awareness.
  3. Special project with the Crowdstride community begins. Using as a reward the Acoins assigned to growth.
  4. First projects on Crowdstride do their ICOs / Token sales and Advisors start getting a payout.
  5. Payment support begins on Telegram and by email.
  6. Update backlog & development previsions.
  7. Create security bounties.

Roadmap of 2019–2020 will be made available once we release the first version of the CrowdStride whitepaper along with further details on the ACoin.

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Thanks for getting this far and we invite you to join our community! How should we call CrowdStride users? Striders? Let us know your opinion once you join!

Thanks and don’t forget to clap this post if you like it!

-The Crowdstride team

Crypto Projects: Get advices & word of mouth from the crowd. Gurus: Advise projects and earn!

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