How my failed startup failed due to being Flexible, not Focused
Hampus Jakobsson

What you write in this article is in its core about “strategic product positioning and planning” - not something which is common knowledge and taught at business schools.

> 90% of startups are wrongly positioned in the market, havnt got sufficient knowhow and working experience within this very narrow art — but its with this art as with dentist, attorneys and accountants — you need to know when you need one ;-)

Most startups are in fact in a random walk, only those who by coinsident got positioned correcly in the market succeeded. Also many VC´s are in a random walk investment, since they focus at the team, and not on the strategic strength and position.

No team can compenate for being wrongly positioned in the market .

Every meeting, marketing plan, venture $, is a waste, and cannot compensate for a company/product wrongly positioned in the market.

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