I find it very Rewarding!

I was in conversation with a gentleman just recently. And I said to him, being on Radio can be very rewarding! Why do I say that? The simple reason why I say that because; 1. Communication with the listeners is important,

2. develop a relationship with the listeners.

Because people trust you. When you get that trust from them, it may somehow go into friendship! I have said something to a gentleman to gentleman recently. But not mentioning his name. I be gutted if he departed from Radio! I will stand by that comment to what I said to that gentleman just this week. I agree on one thing though. We all have to move on and achieve newer goals in life.

The downside:

People some how do take the piss out of radio. Simply because you are own in the booth talking through a microphone and the red light is on! People have no respect for radio, think that you are a complete doughnut! (WHICH IS NOT TRUE! It is obvious announcers have passion for the business, and have passion for radio. That is called being loyal and being dedicated in my view.

You have to be interested in what other people are talking about. Or debate wise! There are debates and none-stop music. The most important key to this is, you have to be good at reading and spelling… Before you start radio. Be interested, and be professional. As in being on time for your daily slot or night slot respectfully.

This is my old set back a few years ago when I quit online Radio. This is something I still Love doing. Being a performer! This was taken at a private venue back in 2012 or 2013. Pardon for not being accurate on the years or dates respectfully.
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