This weekend is historic as Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday. Crowdpac believes in the power of community and today we choose to bring a voice to the history and significance of Juneteenth by celebrating our members and campaigns on Crowdpac that highlight the diversity of the Crowdpac platform and shine a light on the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983.

Dear Campaign Creator,

This week Crowdpac added significant social media tools within the Crowdpac Community to help connect and distribute your message to our 1.06 M members.

Updates include Feed Notifications for:

- A new politician joining Crowdpac

- A user follows a politician

- A campaign posts an update

- A user follows a campaign

- A user follows another user

Additionally we have coupled this with Crowdpac Share allowing you to reach a broader audience outside of our Crowdpac Community. All you have to do is spread your campaign by clicking the Share button.

Dear Candidate,

Since November of 2019 Crowdpac has grown its member base to over 1 Million Members and over 4 Million email engagements.

We have raised $30 Million in contributions for candidates like you with no buffer between you and your contributors.

Constituents have also increased their presence on Crowdpac linking with other members that share similar political views.

We offer free email and SMS capabilities, as well as Crowdpac Share, to help you spread your campaign on other social media networks.

If your campaign has big marketing lists our volume plans are the most affordable in the space. You…

Picture Above : Nancy Using The Gavel to Pummel into Silence.

We received a panicked email this week from “Nancy Pelosi” in our inbox. Her Democratic fundraising tool used to control her party and their agenda, ActBlue, is running short of money.

We found that curious as ActBlue according to Forbes had a huge year hauling in hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Furthermore Nancy Pelosi said:

If I can’t fully fund my ActBlue in the next 24 hours, I fear Trump will pummel us.

We CAN pass Joe’s agenda and silence Republicans for good — but it’s…

The 3 percent that control the money in politics is only getting stronger and more exclusive. Crowdpac is your chance to change the outcome of the race.

Donald Trump’s announcement this week that he is centralizing all of the fundraising tied to his image and likeness,
boxing out the traditional fundraising mechanisms like the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senate Committee sends a chilling message to the American electorate. By centralizing all of these dollars into a Super PAC with few monetary controls to be used at Trump’s discretion means more centralized power…

$2.65 Billion is a huge number for the select few that control each party to influence elections. That’s what the DNC and the RNC raised in the big guy vs little guy debate that is similarly raging in the parallel universe of #reddit #gamestop #robinhood and #hedgefunds.

The little guy vs the big guy conversation is not going away. Small investors, much like small donors, are looking for a seat at the table. …

Starting today Crowdpac has dropped its fees to be the lowest in politics!

Crowdpac Delivers:

  • The lowest fees in politics
  • Free SMS (mass texting)
  • Free Email
  • Crowdpac Share to mass distribute your message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Flipboard, Pinterest, Quora, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Instagram and Nextdoor
  • Free one to one instant messaging
  • Blog features to publish your political ideas
  • Crowdpac TV for campaign events
  • Virtual campaign rallies with fundraising capabilities
  • Petition capabilities to collect signatures while fundraising
  • Live social feed to perpetuate political engagement
  • Live up to date newsfeed to create action items around political events

Crowdpac strongly condemns any attempt to undermine the American political process.

As a unique and powerful platform where hundreds of thousands of people come together to use its suite of innovative tools, Crowdpac lets American citizens connect, organize, argue, and complain in a mature, peaceful and productive way.

Crowdpac members use the platform to explore, discuss and connect with one another on campaigns and issues with a shared goal to influence and make real change.

The alternative we are seeing today is the opposite of productive, and is real proof that platforms like Crowdpac are critical to the advancement of a thriving democracy.

As we wind-down one year and spin-up another, we’d like to share a simple thank you.

We at Crowdpac are grateful for you and all of our members who have supported candidates, causes, campaigns, petitions, and above all one another this year. Your participation on Crowdpac — adding your voice to the conversation — lifted others, supported others, and helped drive real, positive change.

Like many of you, we’re relieved to see 2020 fade out, and greet the new year with optimism and hope for brighter days and lighter times ahead.

The record-breaking Election Day turnout proves that America is best when Americans are engaged. Our mission is providing more people greater access and ability to participate in the process by making it easier for more day-to-day political engagement and enablement. Our mission: To Make Your Voice Heard.

We’re just getting started.

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