Afterward by Futawe

Want to go deeper down the rabbit hole with crowdsourcing related futurism?

Nathan Waters films near-daily future ideas via @futawe on Snapchat (excuse the vertical video and audio). Here are just a few related to crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and collective intelligence or hiveminds…

Dataism and the human hivemind

If you interpret the human species as a single computational processing unit you’re able to analyze our past and future progress as an attempt to increasing the processing speed of this unit. Imagine each human mind as a single transistor within a global CPU. Imagine each human mind as a single neuron within a global super-collective brain; a hivemind artificial intelligence.

Blockchain-based cooperatives and collaboration

Imagine if we restructured our society and economy around solving hairy audacious goals. Do you want to help create a Mars colony, cure cancer, build the neural lace? Here’s all of the companies and organisations working toward those goals; all of their work is open and transparent, and anyone can actively participate in helping achieve that goal. Each company is still competing, but they are unified via a decentralised autonomous organisation and cryptocurrency.

P2P education via shared learning trails

For skilled crowdsourcing to occur, individuals require a vast array of skillsets and the ability to learn on-the-go. Our traditional education system is too slow. Imagine if we created a P2P education protocol where everyone’s learning trails are recorded and individuals are matched. We learn from each other; all 7 billion of us become both teachers and learners, upskilling everyone rapidly for free.

App coins and global decentralization

With blockchain developer platforms we’re now able to build decentralized economic and social platforms owned entirely by the people. The future of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing will likely leverage cryptocurrencies and dApps to build resilient, super-networked economies.

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