The crowd finance data revolution is now available to all

The most wide-ranging database of crowd finance campaigns is now free for everyone

If you’re looking to track the market, invest, or raise money online, this is going to change everything…

Today we unveil public worldwide access to unprecedented levels of information on crowdfunding and P2P.

Crowdsurfer Pro, the premium analytics service for online crowd finance, has opened a new part of its service to the world for free, allowing anyone with an internet connection to access the unique power and insight of Crowdsurfer’s data engine, so that you can make informed and up-to-date decisions relating to the crowd economy.

For no charge, you can now access “Campaign Search”, built on Crowdsurfer’s continuously refreshing library of over 5 million crowd finance campaigns. Our library covers both live and historical campaigns from all over the world. With easy to use searching and filtering, everyone can now research crowd finance and P2P campaigns. Users who like what they see but need detailed analytics, have the option to subscribe for full access to all of Crowdsurfer Pro.

This exciting new offering can be accessed here

Campaign Search will be a valuable tool for fundraisers, investors, public entities, academics and members of the media from all over the world, helping them to thoroughly understand historical fundraises, current opportunities, and the evolution of this dynamic, growing industry. This high-quality research service will also support platforms to educate their potential fundraisers and contributors.

Speaking about the release, Crowdsurfer CEO, Emily Mackay said: “Today, 3.5 billion people are connected to the internet. We are proud to say that from today they all have free access to an unprecedented tool to educate themselves about crowdfunding.

The days of only the privileged few having access to meaningful data on financial opportunities are numbered, and we are proud to be part of a global phenomenon creating that change. Whether you are raising or deploying money for yourself, your business, or your community, all are welcome at to learn what is possible.”

About Crowdsurfer

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Crowdsurfer is building the world’s trusted, data intelligence service for the global crowd finance phenomenon. Crowdsurfer provides those who seek to participate in or serve the industry with the market intelligence they need to be successful. We do it because we believe that crowd finance has the power to make the world a better place.

Using big data engineering and machine learning, the company maps, augments and interprets the information provided by hundreds of crowd finance platforms spanning equity, debt (P2P), rewards, donations and other forms of crowd-based financial transactions.

Fundraisers, investors and others tracking the market are all taking advantage of the service that offers the most detailed and comprehensive view of the crowd finance markets.

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