CrowdWiz — a peek into the future of financial services

CrowdWiz is the first of its kind, self-governed investment ecosystem, aiming to reshape today’s financial industry by combining the latest blockchain technologies and the concept of ‘crowd wisdom’.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, our technology will make financial services safer, smarter and accessible. Investors will benefit from them in a new, transparent way, and will be in full control of their investments. All of this will happen with no middlemen and no hefty fees.

CrowdWiz will develop a suite of investment products all centered on the concept of the wisdom of crowds .The first products to roll out CrowdWiz Exchange but will be soon followed by Crowdwiz Lending, Crowdwiz Insurance, CrowdWiz Real Estate and many other financial investment platforms.

What is the ‘wisdom of the crowd’?

The concept of ‘Wisdom of crowds’ can be dated back to 1907, but it’s James Surowiecki that has most recently studied the concept in depth. According to the theory, crowds often reach conclusions that are more accurate than those taken by an individual, even if that individual is an expert in his field. The reason why crowds are smarter is because of their diverse range of views, open-mindedness and culture of sharing.


An exchange platform managed by the crowd, where token owners are empowered to determine, through a voting process, which tokens are going to be listed or removed from the exchange. The platform also enables them delete assets, if they suspect any fraudulent activity. Token holders share the income from the exchange fees: listing fees,yearly fees and spread fees.

The WIZ token

The WIZ Token is the beating heart of the CrowdWiz Ecosystem. WIZ token owners have access and voting rights in all the WizCrowd investment products and are also granted with a share of the profit made by the fund, the exchange or the other financial services provided by the community. There is also a mechanism in place to incentivize the activity amongst the Community, by rewarding those who participate in the voting and those who put forward new investing opportunities.

Who is behind the CrowdWiz

CrowdWiz is powered by Krypton Software, part of the Tradologic Group — a leading FinTech software developer since 2008. Tradologic has a user base of over 5 million registered users; with a cryptocurrency wallet opened for their benefit at launch, the WIZ token will be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among mainstream users.

Upcoming ICO

Soon we will be launching our token sale, for more information visit us at or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.