CrowdWiz team in Europe in September — meet us in person

We can catch up at several events this month. Here they are.

Less than a month before our first token sale, we are excited to join some of the best cryptocurrency and finance events in Europe. Here is where you can meet us and learn more about our ICO by our co-founders Michael Golod and Slavena Savcheva.

Meet us today (15th September) at ICO Summit in Zurich

Our Michael Golod and Slavena Savcheva will be at the summit today, so if you are around, it would be great to meet. The event is Switzerland’s first conference that is dedicated to crowdfunding in the blockchain industry. The country is definitely looking forward to becoming an epicentre of ICO revolution.

Up next — flying to d10e in Kiev

The conference is dedicated to exploring the future of FinTech, ICO, blockchain and all disruptive culture in finance and investment. The event will take place between 16 and 19 September and our co-founder Slavena Savcheva will pitch there (yes, we are one of the shortlisted projects to compete for the 100 BTC price in the ICO Pitch Competition!) — if around, definitely go to hear more about our ICO and our future plans.

The World Blockchain Forum 2017

The event will be held in London on 25–26 September. We are pitching there as well, so stop by to hear us there if you haven’t attended one of the previous conferences. You can also meet us at our exhibition spot, which is in the Oval Space’s sister venue, The Pickle Factory, located directly across the street.

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