How CrowdWiz will reshape the VC world

After a great run of success investing in tech since the 90s, it is time for Venture Capitalist (VCs) to take a back seat. Not only has the cryptocurrency industry deconstructed the role of VCs, but it has also made VCs out of all of us.

To appreciate what this means for regular joes like you and I, you must first recognize that cryptocurrency crowdfunding has radically democratized the investment and capital raising process. From now on, the brilliant minds and projects working on the next wave of blockchain disruption will seek funds from public markets via cryptocurrencies.

The future of crypto VCs will, therefore, be shaped by platforms that bring together like you.

Allow me to paint a picture of what is going on and how CrowdWiz is reconstructing the VC world.

Photo credit: Rhys Korbely

Better Access to Investment Opportunities for All

The most exceptional investment opportunities of our generation are no longer limited to an exclusive club of elite VCs. That has changed with the next decade of sweeping innovation and unicorns now readily accessible from your phone.

Over the years, venture capitalists carved out a lush, sweet spot for themselves by crowding out everyone else. Just have a look at Silicon Valley and how the tech investment scene has turned into an exclusive club of a select few. They pre-select all the best ideas, develop them into sustainable companies and then dump them at high valuations on the public stock market. You aren’t getting in on this action unless you’re in with the crowd, know the who’s who of the industry and at least have a top ivy league education.

Well not anymore.

Anyone of us now has a fair chance at the next Facebook or Google thanks to public cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms. The balance has been restored by, first of all, cutting through the red tape.

Cutting through the red tape

For a VC to even consider taking you on as an investor, you require at least $ 1 million in annual income plus successfully maneuvering past dozens of hoops set up by the SEC just to get registered. It is a shame really that the industry has locked out regular investors by putting up high barriers to access.

On the face of it, this red tape is seemingly set up to protect you, but is it?

Often, what ends up happening is most of us get locked out of the 1000x returns that VCs have reaped for the last two decades. After exhausting all premium returns, they turn round and flip these companies to us, the wider public via IPOs.

But the rise of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings has proven them wrong, telling from the massive wave of regular investor demand in the $171 billion crypto assets market. By democratizing early access to the next generation of world-changing projects, blockchains diminish the role of intermediaries.

Blockchain crowdfunding platforms capture all the opportunities into one investable vehicle. All you need is to sign up online, and with as little as $10 in cryptocurrency, you can take a chance at startups and projects on the frontlines of a cutting edge industry.

Photo credit: Max Rentmeester

Getting on the Frontlines of a Cutting Edge Industry

Ask anyone in the banking industry, and they’ll tell you, VCs have had the edge over everyone else because only they had front row tickets to the bleeding edge of the tech industry.

Their unique position allowed them to see the latest technologies before the rest of us and piece together the next sweeping wave of trends. It is no surprise therefore that they continually made enormous returns since the early days of the internet by merely identifying the next Snapchats of this world and placing bets accordingly.

But the biggest winners of the emergence of the $171 billion cryptocurrency industry were not VCs. Regular investors who were able to spot the massive opportunity and diversify some funds into the technology made all the over 1000X returns in a couple of years. Believe it or not, VCs are no longer gatekeepers to cutting-edge technology.

The cryptocurrency industry is an open invitation for all where all the information on potentially disruptive blockchain projects is out in the wild. The gap between a venture capitalist and a keen investor with access to the web has drastically narrowed. With enough research in hand, you too can place your bets accordingly.

If the amount of research seems daunting, you can always turn to the wisdom of the crowd.

Photo credit: Jason Leung

Wisdom of the crowd

Admittedly, the blockchain industry is evolving so fast that there is too much going on to keep track of by yourself. In such instances, a healthy community of enthusiasts goes a long way in providing a support network.

It has been discovered that aggregating independently acquired information in groups can lead to smarter, better decisions than can be made by a single member.

Think of all the millions of investors from across the world who are now connected through social media, and online forums sharing information, discussing projects and picking apart the latest opportunities. With everyone in a channel or thread contributing based on all the information they have independently come across, a better decision is likely to emerge.

CrowdWiz is bringing together this crowd under one investment platform where anyone can access investment opportunities, with a low barrier to entry to projects on the cutting edge of blockchain technology. By leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, CrowdWiz is reconstructing the traditional VC world in readiness for the next wave of disruption.

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