WizFund Beta — End User Guide

Registration and Login forms

Login form

Forgot Password page

Registration Page

  • user entered an email which is not valid
  • user entered passwords that do not match
  • user is trying to register an already existing user
  • user did not enter all required fields

Funds page

  • Name
  • Description
  • Number of investors
  • Start date
  • Value of the fund in BTC
  • Token price in BTC
  • Change in token price for the past 24hours
  • Enter button which will send the user to the Fund room

Portfolio Screen

Fund Summary

  • Value — Displays the total value of the fund
  • Formula — Value of the fund = Holdings Value + Available to Invest Amount
  • Holdings Value — Displays the sum of all assets’ prices if they are sold on the current market price
  • Formula — Holdings Value = (Amount of Asset 1 x Current Market Price) + (Amount of Asset 2 x Current Market Price) + etc.
  • Available to Invest — Displays free balance that is not invested in any holdings
  • Formula — Available to Invest = Value of the fund — Holdings Value
  • Return in % — Displays the return of the fund for the past 24h
  • Formula — Return = (Current Value of the fund — Value of the Fund at the start of the day)/Initial Value of the Fund*100
  • Token Price — Displays the current token price
  • Formula — Value of the Fund = Value of the Fund (at the current moment)/Total Number of tokens
  • Number of investors — Displays the total number of investors in the fund
  • Tokens in fund — Displays the total number of tokens in the fund

Fund Summary — (Pie chart)

Performance chart

Fund holdings carousel

  • Asset — Name of the asset and symbol
  • Amount — amount of asset coins/tokens in the portfolio
  • Last update — time stamp of the last action with this asset
  • Format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Purchase price — In case the fund has acquired several times the same Crypto Currency we will take all prices and make an average price on which the asset was purchased.
  • Formula — Weighted Average Price = (first price x shares) + (second price x shares) …/total number of shares
  • Market price — the current market price
  • Profit — unrealized profit, the profit which will be realized if the asset is sold on the current market price
  • Formula — Profit = (Market Price — Purchase price (if we have made several purchases of the same asset we will take the weighted average price))
  • Return — Displayed in %
  • Formula — Return = (Market Price — Average purchase price)/Average Purchase price *100

Latest activity



Fund Holdings Section


  • Approve — positive vote
  • Reject — negative vote
  • Abstain — when the user wants to skip voting
  • Countdown timer — Showing the remaining time during which the ballot will be active
  • Author — User that created the proposal along with his avatar
  • Date on which the proposal was created
  • Asset — Asset Name
  • Direction — If the asset should be bought or sold
  • Amount — Amount that should be purchased
  • Description — if the description is too long we will have a scroll.
  • Result — ongoing result of the vote. e.g. 10 Approve | 5 Reject



History page

Propositions history

  • Result — Label with Result which is located on top
  • User Vote — under the label with the vote result the user can check what was his vote for the ballot
  • Vote statistic — at the bottom of the page you will see more detailed vote statistic with the exact number of user that voted for the proposition to be Approved or Rejected

Trade history

  • Start Date — Date on which the asset was bought
  • Asset
  • Action
  • Amount
  • Buy Price — the price on which the asset was bought
  • Sell Price — the price on which the asset was sold (will be available only if we have a Sell trade)
  • Profit — Realized Profit — Will be calculated only when we have a SELL trade
  • Formula — Profit = (Market Price — Purchase price (if we have made several purchases of the same asset we will take the weighted average price*)

Create Proposal form

  • Action — buy or sell.
  • Asset — what asset will be purchased or sold. If the user press on Buy he/she will see the offered assets that can be bought and if the user press on Sell — the available assets in the fund.
  • Amount — how many units of the asset will be purchased, or how many units of the asset in the portfolio will be sold with a calculation showing what is the amount in the base currency. There is a validation on Buy if we have enough balance to make the purchase and for Sell if we have enough units to sell.
  • Duration — proposal duration, during which all investors can vote for the active proposal.
  • Description — In order to support its proposal, the investor must describe why his proposition will benefit the fund.


  • Personal Details
  • Security
  • Switch Fund

Personal Details

  • Mail — not editable
  • Phone — editable
  • First name — editable
  • Last name — editable
  • Avatar — editable. We must set library of default Avatars and option to upload personal avatar.

Change Password

  • Change Password — On click this will show a pop up allowing the user to change his password

Security (2 factor authentication)

Switch Fund




Investing together

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Investing together

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