Your Job Descriptions Are Hurting Your Hiring Pipeline
Hannah Fleishman

A big mistake I see business owners make is the vague job post.

Yes, the one that says, “I need someone to help me with my website and my social media.”

I once responded to a vague post (looking for a VA) asking for more detail. The person hiring answered me with, “If I had time to write all of that out, I wouldn’t need a virtual assistant!”

(Yeah, she sounds like a peach to work with… )

If you write vague job posts and are vague in your instructions, you’re going to get a lot of questions. Then you’re going to get frustrated because shouldn’t the new hire just “know” what to do?

Spend the time being very clear on what you want and who you’re looking for. You’ll attract the ideal candidates based on your detailed description. And you’ll save time and frustration by not having to weed and filter out all of the people who are not a good fit.

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