What does it mean to be human?

There are lot’s of things I don’t understand. This is one of the things I infinitely ponder on, the other question being ‘Who am I?’. Mysterious.

I asked one of my good friends, Nel, who said “Idk?”. A part of it’s probably how we deal with what we don’t know. Maybe it’s our curiosity, then again I’ve seen some primates more curious than people. Then I saw an article on Nautilus, “Metaphors Are Us”, which delves into the nature of who we are and how our imagination and analogies make us human-

“We evolved a uniquely dramatic means of separating meaning from intent: lying.”

This reminded me of a manga comic I read not long ago, Pluto (a masterpiece) by Naoki Urasawa, which is about future of AI and how robot’s like us,have emotions and feelings. Not surprising- we are after all biochemical machines, a web of dingly-dangly neurons interacting with each other through neurotransmitters.

Then I came across some video’s by Alan Watts (a very wise man) and the whole universe of zen philosophy. All his works are simple and humorous, he make’s me think of things we often take for granted.

I simply feel that a human being must always recognize that he is qualitatively more than any system of thought he can imagine, and therefore he should never label himself. -Alan Watts

His thoughts are very similar to a scientist I admire James Lovelock and his work, Gaia Hypothesis. The Earth is alive, it’s a self regulating system and we are also a part of it. Thinking ourselves different from our Earth is a big mistake! Wonder why we feel so close and intimate when we’re in a natural forest or simply when we love another? It’s because we all belong. To me that is what it means to be human.

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