Orlando based Crunchy Logistics completes work on custom A/V systems at the first Ace Cafe to open in the United States.

Orlando, FL — May 25, 2017 — Orlando based Crunchy Logistics has completed work on custom A/V Systems at the first phase of Orlando’s newest entertainment complex; the massive Ace Café in Orlando, FL (100 W Livingston St, Orlando, FL 32801).

The work completed by Crunchy Logistics includes full Audio and Video solutions to the over 14,000 square foot restaurant, bar, fine art gallery, stores, and office areas. The massive job features over 100 speakers, 31 Large Format TV’s, and a center piece fitting of the size and scope of the complex - a 15 foot retractable projector screen.

When the team at Ace Café contacted us regarding the work at what would end up being the first Ace Café in the USA, we were honored and excited. Because it’s the first Ace Café to open in the United States and is a fan-favorite amongst Bike and Auto lovers, we knew we had to design a system that looks and sounds amazing, no matter where you are throughout the building.” states Leonardo Moretti, Director of Operations with Crunchy Logistics. “This job was a unique challenge for us due to the shear volume of audio and visual zones we wanted to include as well as the open ceiling plan. Planning the layout of all the speakers to ensure maximum, optimal coverage was a fun challenge and one we were ecstatic to take on. The result was what the client was hoping for and more. Controlling the A/V in this massive building from a wireless iPad added the cherry on top.” he continued.

Crunchy has done an amazing job on our A/V install. The Ace is a very visual brand, and has an authentic soundtrack of almost 80 years of rock ’n roll to boot, so we had to make sure we had the right company onboard to help bring it to life. We’ve got 31 hi-vis LED screens, a projector and a giant drop-down screen. The sound is perfectly balanced throughout our many zones, and the entire system is super simple to use,” said Steve Glum — Chief Marketing Officer of Ace Cafe North America. “The system is a great way to celebrate the spirit, history and culture of the Ace, as well as showcase all the cool motor-centric broadcast programming that our fans love.”

Ace Cafe Orlando is now wide open and ready for you to enjoy! There’s always something happening at the Ace, so simply stop in and see what everyone’s talking about. Grab a coffee starting everyday at 7am. Stay for an amazing lunch or dinner, happy hour, see a great live rock ’n roll show, or take home official Ace Cafe gear from Rockers Speed Shop. Visit acecafeusa.com for a listing of the latest cool car and bike meets. Ace Cafe Orlando is located at 100 W. Livingston Street in downtown Orlando.

Crunchy Logistics is a pioneering technology firm based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2008, Crunchy specializes in connecting companies to customers in innovative ways. Crunchy uses bleeding edge technology to design and implement enchanting environments and products that actively engage your customers with your company’s brand.

Crunchy services include all-in-one solutions to your technology needs, including system creation, development, management, and 24/7 technical support. Crunchy Logistics is unique because of its diverse team of experts in various fields, including software development, engineering, digital media and audio/visual design. Crunchy’s goal is to give your organization a perfectly tailored system that is customized to fit your needs. Crunchy works one-on-one with you to create permanent benefits for your organization and your clients.

Crunchy Logistics is proud to be the company behind the “Padzilla” — Giant iPad and iPhone Interactive display solution and “Unreal Bowling” (As seen in Orlando’s Main Event Bowling Center). To have Crunchy Logistics install a custom solution for your restaurant, bar, or any other location, or to see more about the company, please visit www.Crunchy.co, https://www.facebook.com/crunchylogistics/, https://twitter.com/crunchylogistic, or call +1 (407) 476–2044.

A pioneering technology firm based in Orlando, Florida. We’re best known for Unreal Bowling, Padzilla, & All sorts of really great A/V solutions in the US.

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