Five Man Midget Death Squad

No, sadly, I have not joined a new gang, though, after a quick read, I want to see how and where to handle the application process to join up.

While I’ll admit, I’m not typically a reviewer, when this came across my desk, I was instantly drawn in on title alone, opening the pages to this introductory comic, you start getting pulled into this world.

In a well thought out and well paced story by Nicholas Forristal, we get a brief introduction and backstory, giving us just enough information to make us want to pay attention to the fullest, but, not making the mistake of trying to flood us all with a huge history in just a few pages.

Aside from the well paced story in this short book, my introduction to characters is beautifully drawn by Eric Wright (I’m pretty sure not of NWA fame).

The lines are very clean, inked beautifully. The black and white images pop off the pages, and it seems to give it a gritty feel that you can’t get with adding in other colors.

Eric Wright’s art immerses you even more fully into this world, the attention to detail is evident as you flip the pages, seeing how well thought the artwork truly is, and how it elevates the story. Giving us characters who border on cute in one panel, and seem to be blood lusting in the next.

As the story unfolds, you’re now in their world, and when I reached the final page, I was legitimately upset my ride was over, just hoping to hear the roar of their engines again in the future, I’d like to continue following their missions.

If you’d like to see or read more, head over to Comixology and check it out!

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