John F. Dunsworth, the man who played Jim Lahey in Trailer Park Boys passed away.

I’m not going to pretend the news hit me easy. I found the show when I was at a very rough spot in my life. I had a lot of time on my hands and not much to do, and I wasn’t in the best place. Then I found these guys and thought about how people urged me to watch over time and finally just gave I’m.

I’ll watch this show about a bunch of drunken dopers who live in a fucking Nova Scotia trailer park, why not. The first episode I watched somewhat painfully, had to force myself to watch another, then it started clicking. Characters started making sense.

Jim Lahey was a deep character, to the untrained eye just a bumbling drunk hellbent on revenge against anyone and everyone it seems. If you looked deeper though you could see good. You could see moments of heroism. You could see you. You could see a lot of pains. The was lust, and even love…

We all know a Lahey, many not in his entirety, but a lot of pieces that form the sum of Lahey. You wanted to hug him and punch him. Love him and hate him.

I had the joy of getting to see him live, and one of my best friends, Dennis, surprised me with a meet and greet afterwards. Holy shit, I get to meet the boys, and something strange happened.

There is John F. Dunsworth standing there as we all wait, he’s just hanging out. Performing fucking Shakespeare. Singing. Being coherent. It was bizarre and amazing.

A fan offered to buy him a drink, and it was politely refused…holy shit, Lahey doesn’t even drink!

Finally the meeting occurs, he’s chatting me up and I can’t tell you anything he said to me, I was star struck and that rarely happens. The whole crew was so accommodating and really about the fans, but, John really had a warmth about him, and I’ll always look back on that night amazingly fondly.

Thank you, for everything. You helped more than you’ll ever know, and your proof of why you really should meet your heroes, whenever possible.

Season 5, Episode 7. Everyone this is essential Lahey.

The Winds of Shit

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