Memorial Day

It means different things to different people. Some just see a long weekend, some see it as the start of summer.

Grills firing up from sea to shining sea, veterans and civilians alike cracking open a cold one and remembering those who paid the ultimate price.

I was thinking about those who gave all this afternoon as I sat on the porch and I started smelling the smell of meat hitting grills, I thought about my own service and some of the people who aren’t with us.

I thought about the flag. You won’t see me wearing anything with a flag, you won’t see flag emblazoned anything at my house, and I don’t fly the flag. I never felt the need to advertise my patriotism.

As I thought about the flag I thought about the salute rendered thousands of time in my military career. As a Veteran, I still salute the flag. I stood in the pouring rain a few weeks ago in my Ghostbusters gear doing charity work, and I tell you, once I heard those notes I snapped to like it was graduation in boot camp, and I always will.

It’s important we remember those who died to pave the way. As a veteran, I know and and others remember friends and family members, we remember laughs in foreign lands with people who would become family. Some of us still remember what service in peacetime is like, and as I salute…I think about that as well.

So let’s remember those brave souls of the past. I look at those who came before me as a lineage. Those who are gone, those who came before, those who currently serve, and day after day more women and women sign their name on a contract.

Each bearer of signature will be constantly reminded of their past, told how others sacrificed so more could live, and will carry on stories from the past and even more of their own.

To the Gold Star families, thank you. I don’t know what else to say. You sacrificed as well, more than many know.

To those who paid the ultimate price, I thank you…and will continue to salute you. Thank you for your service.