I’ve got a routine that seems to keep me from having some sort of issue pop up during the week with my pump + cgm + Loop setup, so I thought I’d share how I manage my life as a Looping type 1 diabetic.

My goal is to minimise surprises and random problems while sticking to an easy routine without too much trouble.

Sunday 8am – 1 min, (5 minutes every 3rd week)

  1. Dexcom microwave trick — pop my Dexcom Receiver in the microwave to cut out the 2 hour warmup whenever I want later in the day (we don’t…

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Here’s what the first 24 hours looked like. Out of the gate you can see my crazy rage boluses left and right plus the high temp. I initially put in 25 carbs for dinner, then added an additional 30 carbs and took another bolus (for the sweet potatoes). I eventually pulled out the second 30 carbs which is why you don’t see them here.

Then I headed on a fairly quick slide before bottoming out and bouncing back late in the evening. …

My weight has been on a steady uptick over the last 6–9 months. I’ve not been concentrating on optimizing what I eat or drink (ie beer). My BG values have been pretty good, but I was starting to see a trend return with insulin resistance. I would particularly notice it after a big carb+protein dinner when I would literally have be pumping in insulin for 8 hours to cover it.

I decided to make a change, mostly because of my growing belly (as opposed to being type 1 diabetic). From past experience I know that fat loss is 80% diet…

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From 8.5% on Dec 1, 2015 to 5.3% today

One year ago today I got my Medtronic 722 pump & Dexcom G5 talking via Carelink stick plugged into a Raspberry Pi (small Linux computer). I then flipped on software that Ben West created to communicate with said devices, then connected up oref0 that Scott Leibrand built to make automated changes to my insulin delivery using what is known as OpenAPS.

Over the next few months I ditched the Pi and Carelink for smaller and more nerdy versions of the hardware. On April 30, 2016 I switched to a nifty setup using a tiny piece of hardware created by Pete…

I have been actively using Loop since April 2016 and active in the OpenAPS community for over a year.

As more and more people jump on the open source automated pancreas’ bandwagon, I have have watched many people struggle with getting their settings right. Along the way I have observed some folks doing what I am calling “max basal clipping”. This is the practice of preventing lows by clipping off the Max Basal rate.

I am a big fan of using a Max Basal rate that you are comfortable with for safety, but I don’t find comfort in people clipping…

My AP History

It’s been a year since I first discovered OpenAPS. It took me a couple months to get my CGM and hardware set up and I began looping using the oref0 algorithm on a Raspberry Pi. I ran oref0 for 3 months on various sets of Linux-based hardware and radios.

In Feb (2016) I found out about other algorithms that people had been using. There is an OpenAPS algorithm called openaps-predict that was created by @loudnate that used the model described in Think Like a Pancreas. …

Jim is CrushingT1D

Long time Type 1 Diabetic (T1D). Technology + Motivation = Crush Diabetes with the help of #Loop

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