T1D mucks up my first FIAsp day

Jim is CrushingT1D
May 8, 2017 · 1 min read

Here’s what the first 24 hours looked like. Out of the gate you can see my crazy rage boluses left and right plus the high temp. I initially put in 25 carbs for dinner, then added an additional 30 carbs and took another bolus (for the sweet potatoes). I eventually pulled out the second 30 carbs which is why you don’t see them here.

Then I headed on a fairly quick slide before bottoming out and bouncing back late in the evening. The interesting part is when my BG got up to 55 I felt fine to fall asleep without a carb correction.

Today I had another unexplained rise starting about 8am. Then I had my regular coffee (10 carbs) but I forgot to bolus. You can see the FIAsp did not counteract that well either (I eventually added the 10 carbs in). Eventually it again dropped back down.

Fast acting? no so far.

I am thinking the first stint was set related. The second? Hard to say, but can’t really blame it on the FIAsp without more evidence.

Jim is CrushingT1D

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Long time Type 1 Diabetic (T1D). Technology + Motivation = Crush Diabetes with the help of #Loop

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