Leftist Provocateurs Are Paid to Cause Conflict (e.g. Charlottesville)

Bob Creamer was a top Democrat consultant who met with people in the Obama white house over 340 times. In October of 2016, Project Veritas caught him saying that he recruited low IQ individuals to cause trouble in the streets at political events, specifically against Donald Trump. http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/18/commit-voter-fraud-massive-scale-part-ii-project-veritas-investigation-clinton-network/ The expose on Democracy Partners (i.e. Creamer), was a key reason why Americans voted for Trump. Owen Shroyer (InfoWars) detailed this following the Charlottesville leftist riots blamed on the Alt-right (a Hillary Clinton term) and neo-Nazi idiots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jba8erWwxLg Shroyer exposed some other important linkages.

The leader of the so called right wing group ‘Unite the Right’, who obtained the permit to meet in the Charlottesville park was actually a leftist Obama supporter, and Occupy leader, until Trump got elected. Some folks smelled a rat. Other groups on the right refused to join the rally when they found out this guy was the ring leader. They knew it was a sham; much like when Marxists showed up at Tea Party rallies and shouted racist remarks which in turn were recorded by the likes of CNN to demonize the Tea Party as racists. Gateway Pundit nails it; CNN fake news reporting on fake Tea Party and fake Trump supporters. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/report-white-supremacist-unite-right-leader-jason-kessler-obama-occupy-supporter/

Sadly, none of this is new. Agitators were used in the Ukraine, sponsored by the Obama administration. Victoria ‘neo-con’ Nuland admits to $5 billion spent ‘to support’ the Ukraine at 7:43 of this YouTube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2fYcHLouXY Support was conditional on caving in to the IMF bankers. Democrat mouthpieces tried to walk this back but it was too late. Foul-mouthed Nuland had screwed up.

George Soros paid dearly to topple the democratically elected Ukrainian president. A former Nazi sympathizer, Soros has spent hundreds of millions to train and pay agitators in the U.S. to demonize the Tea Party, and Trump. Antifa protestors at Charlottesvile are on camera chanting for Soros to pay them. He’s championed these Reichstag Fire tactics likely since he learned about them as a Nazi collaborator. He turned in fellow Jews for money.

Aaron Black claimed that he was responsible for shutting down the Chicago Trump rally. He was what Hillary termed a ‘Donald Duck’ provocateur. Violence ensued there and the complicit police closed down the rally. In Charlottesville the police were told to stand down. They laughed when an InfoWars cameraman was pepper sprayed in front of them by an Antifa criminal. They then told the InfoWars reporter that they were leaving because, “It’s too dangerous.” The police did not separate the fake right wingers from the protestors as is common practice in these events. There were no barriers between the groups. The new mayor is a former leftist activist. He recently hired a black police chief. It was a set up.

The left conspired to create the turmoil in Charlottesville, like they have done over and over in other places. This time someone died. The mayor and police chief are directly responsible. They should be brought up on charges. Others up the Democrat ladder promoted it to bring down a sitting President. Call it what it is — sedition.